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Customized Development Services Are Highlighted

Personalization: We treat each customer as an individual and work with them to meet their unique needs. This may include providing customers with customized products, solutions, personalized advice or service packages.

Needs Analysis: We deeply understand the needs of each customer, including listening to their opinions, collecting data, conducting market research, and establishing effective feedback mechanisms to better understand customer needs.

Flexibility: We can quickly adapt to changes in customer needs to provide customized solutions. This may involve the company's speed of reaction, ability to adapt, and ability to innovate.

Customer Participation: We have customized services requiring close cooperation with customers, including involving customers in product design, selecting specific features or services, and providing feedback.

Introduce The Whole Process From Consultation

To Order Completion

Provide Other Services Such As Finished Product Inspection

On-site Material Inspection, Etc

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a kind of black box testing. It does not need to verify the internal code structure and characteristics of the software product. It only needs to detect whether the function of the software meets the requirements of the requirements specification.

Performance Testing

Testers conduct testing activities based on user needs to detect product performance in normal, peak, and abnormal environments.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing: Also known as delivery testing, after the software product has undergone internal testing such as unit testing and integration testing, it needs to be tested with real users before the product goes online so that the product can meet the needs of users.

Security Testing

Refers to testers using various testing methods to verify the security level and defect issues of the software system, as well as its ability to prevent external attacks.

Provide After-sales Service Introduction

The importance of after-sales service

After-sales service is an important part of customer experience. Good after-sales service can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby promoting the development of the enterprise.

After-sales Service Content

Installation and debugging​​​​​​​

Provide installation and debugging services to customers to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Daily maintenance

Provide daily maintenance services to customers, regularly inspect equipment, discover and solve problems in a timely manner, and ensure the stability and reliability of equipment.


When equipment fails, we provide customers with troubleshooting services, repair equipment in a timely manner, and reduce downtime.

Parts supply​​​​​​​

Provide parts supply services to customers to ensure that equipment maintenance and parts replacement needs are met.

Technical support​​​​​​​

Provide technical support services to customers, answer customer questions and problems, and guide customers to use equipment correctly.

Consulting services​​​​​​​

Provide consulting services to customers, understand customer needs, and provide solutions and suggestions.

Provide After-sales Service Introduction

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